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Organizational Psychology Paper

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The marketplace in today's society is full of challenges. The doors of many organizations are closing because the companies cannot compete with the changes that the consumer demands. A downfall in an organization can cause cooperate ruin in a company. For an organization to become effective it must have the right people, and the right behaviors in the workplace to become a successful business. An organization will sometimes use organizational psychology in helping to solve issues within the company. This paper will define what organizational psychology is. The paper will explain the role of research and statistics in organizational psychology and describe how organizational psychology can be useful in organizations.

Organizational Psychology

Organizational Psychology is the scientific study of the workplace and of the ways in which people interact in the organization. The market of goods is a world of fast pacing, always in hurry, and meeting deadlines has become stressful to most employees. Some employees have become so stressful that as a result of he or she quits his or her job. The organization hires an organizational psychologist to come in and be a part of the team. Organizational psychologist will screen and study all its employees, and the organization to conduct research.

Organizational psychologist provides understanding to the research study on certain decisions that the organization has to decide on, help with the performance of the employees and selecting the right employee for the right job. Organizational psychology is a field that tackles every part of the company that makes the organization who it is. Organizational psychologist can design skills, tools, and even methods for the effectiveness for the company's success. Organizational psychologists want to achieve goals and strategic ways to improve the organization for a successful business.

Role of Research and Statistics

Research and statistics are a major part in organizational psychology. There are many methods of research and statistics used to determine information and answers asked by organizational psychologist. Using the evidence-based practices is a result of using the right techniques as an organizational psychologist. Collecting data can provide real life examples of how employees work in an organization. Analyzing research and statistics in a positive way is extremely important to organizational psychologist, so he or she can discover what happens in an organization. The interventions on leadership, job performance, employee stress, and even the selection technique to hire employees are based on the reliability and valid results of research and statistics in an organization.

An organizational psychologist will not be able to make accurate findings about how groups work and what he or she should do when different situations arise in the workplace. This



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