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Organizational Research and Theory

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Essay Preview: Organizational Research and Theory

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Article Critique

Samuel Brown

Columbia Southern University

Organizational Research and Theory MBA 6001-10F

Marie Gould

June 6, 2011

Rawn Shah (May 17 2011) The Future of Work http:// rawnshah/files/2011/05/aspen-report


The author of this article explores leadership in organizations, ethical issues and challenges experiences and focus particularly on the nature of work relationships when marketing fair and ethical trade. Organizations restructure their systems of operations to fit ethical requirements. There are two issues discussed in this article, first, ethics in purchasing procedures adopted by public and non-profit organizations should be observed when delivering products to the customers. Secondly, non-profit organizations carry out the mission of merging conservation education and strategies of marketing their products. The article also analyzes leadership aspects in organizations when implementing ethical and fair trade.

Statement of the Problem

Consumers are not only concerned about getting goods and services from the market, but also consumers are concerned about ethical issues about production and marketing systems used to get the final product. Buying decisions relate to all aspects of a product, and consumers in developed and developing countries are cautious about ethical standards followed in the production of commodities. Leadership is required of the organizational managers to promote strategies which lead to achievement of ethics in production and marketing of commodities in public and non-profit organizations. Unethical leadership practices have resulted into boycotts as people seek fair treatment from corporate leaders.

Description of Procedures

Two marketing strategies have been used when evaluating marketing systems of no-sweat products: anti-marketing ethics and de-marketing ethics. Fair trade movement had a schedule of 15 years to...



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