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Organizational Structure

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At present, an increasing number of international students who come from different countries go to England and other English speaking countries. For international students, it might be difficult to adapt new academic environment. Linn surveys the writing style of native and non-native speakers. However, students come from different countries have different writing styles and patterns. Hence, overseas students who want to go to the UK should understand the orientation of British writing and abandon the writing style for their own country. This view seems to be true. This essay argues that by evaluating some main standpoints of Linn, it may be beneficial for international students to improve the method of thinking and writing when students should study in the UK.

According to Linn (2009), Kaplan (1966) differentiated four writing characteristics. Even though the early categorization is not complicated, this is a wonderful start point. This viewpoint may be not true. Because, since 1966, some countries have changed a lot in academic writing patterns. For example, a great number of Chinese students learn English harder than others. Some students may have changed the writing pattern. These students may use circular to write articles in Chinese. Similarly, these students are likely to use linear to write essays in English.

According to Linn, (Line 47-50) Byram states that authors tend to use linking words, it may easy to catch the ideas from one sentence to next words.(Line 46-50) It seems to be true. Using linking words like "however", "but" make the sentence more logical. For example, "today is Sunday, but you should do homework". Generally speaking, using linking words is English style, it may lead the article more coherent. However, some countries use little connection words in writing, such as Finnish learners. As a consequence, it is important for international students to learn how to use connectors in British academic environment.

Linn (Line 60-63) indicates that the writing structure of British style averagely contains introduction, body and conclusion. In general, the structure of essay is essential part in English writing. Different sections have different functions. It seems to be true. Due to cultural diversity, most countries have their own writing structure. For example, Arabians prefer to use a lot of parallel thesis in the writing. This case may be caused by logical orientation. Hence, some overseas students may need to realize and accept the structure of English writing soon.

According to Linn (Line 76-79), Trujillo Saez describes that all of the languages need to use the metaphors to express ideas. This argument seems too extreme. In the past, many people might be fond of using metaphors. However, now less people make use of metaphors, because some metaphors may be not practical and cannot express the meaning directly in modern society. For



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