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Organizational Structure

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Organizational Structure Paper


Organizational Structure

An important attribute to any organization in the business world of today is the functions within the organization. Overall, an organizing function of management outlines the practice in which individuals within the organization interact and work with each other. Strong organizational structure is evident in social networking giants like Facebook and Twitter. This structure is suitable for their specific product; the social world. Facebook and Twitter might appear that structure is not needed to function, but it is essential that it is in place. Twitter to the average internet web surfer, is nothing more that conversation through posts. Tweets can be posted on users profiles with up to 140 characters in text. Companies, organizations and individuals alike utilize Facebook and Twitter for advertising to promote their services. Facebook and Twitter now allow customers to track each other by getting their status updates or tweets. Facebook launched in 2004, while twitter launched in 2006. They are now the most dominant social networking websites in the world. A solid organizational structure permits Facebook and Twitter to cultivate and remain resilient in an aggressive social networking market.

Facebook and Twitter have developed a concrete organizational structure to be the most successful social networking sites on Earth. Several years ago, MySpace held the top spot for all social networking sites. MySpace was mainly use for individual purposes. People would post pictures, music, or simply chat with other people. MySpace didn't attract businesses like their counterparts Facebook and Twitter. This could have been the sole reason for MySpace's fall in the social networking realm. Companies have found it valuable to advertise through Facebook and Twitter. Both companies understood that in order for them to be successful, they would have to advertise at a high rate. Businesses swiftly learned of how accommodating these sites are and took advantage of their services. Individual users have the ability to follow or friend prominent personalities or even certain organizations that appeal to them. Organizations now have the ability to promote or advertise their service, cause, or product. Both sites are pretty much the same; however they differ in some areas which make them unique to their customers. A user in Facebook can change their status; check another user's status, post pictures, and video. Facebook has recognized another standard within the site that involves online gaming. Twitter differs from Facebook, because its key purpose is to follow and tweet other users. The occupational structure that Facebook and Twitter have established supports their organization.

Facebook and Twitter have many executive roles that support the diverse duties within the organization. While Facebook is set up for massive volumes of marketing through the use of publicity, Twitter permits single institutions to post tweets to keep followers informed. Facebook also makes currency by allowing users to pay for different portions of a specific game. Anyone who has ever fooled around with the popular game Candy Crush will confirm that this game can be extremely addicting. Facebook has the financial capability to try different ways to make money. Twitter also makes its money through promoting. Twitter promotes services using sponsored tweets. Organizations compensate Twitter to endorse their products in searchable tweets. Sites



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