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Organizational Structures

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I. Part 1 Mission Statement - 20%

A. 9 Components

1. Product/Service

2. Markets - geographic/target mkt

3. Customers

4. Technology (State of the art, continual improvement, innovative, cutting edge)

5. Philosophy - basic beliefs, values, & aspirations

6. Self-Concept - distinctive, competencies/company advantage

7. Concern for employers

8. Concern for public image - community, environment, societal issues

9. Concern for survival, growth, & profitability

B. Rate the Mission Statement

= X/9, where X is the number of components present

C. Indicate the components that are present

D. Account for the mission components

II. EFE & IFE - 30%

A. Matrices will be given to you

III. Multiple Choice - 50%

A. Chapter 1: Introduction

Strategy is a continuous process, a loop/circle

1. Not really a step by step linear progression with beg & end

2. Three Stage Process

a. Formulation - developing a strategic plan

planning stage

responsibility of the strategists -

b. Implementation - doing/acting stage

first line & second line

c. Evaluation - monitoring & taking corrective action

i. Reviewing external and internal factors that are the bases for current strategies

ii. Measuring performance

iii. Taking corrective actions

3. Strategists - individuals who are most responsible for the success or failure of an organization

a. Help an organization gather, analyze and organize information

b. CEO, Board of Directors, top managers (using input from lower level employees/consultants)

4. Policies - rules put in place to help decision making (two types:

a. Programmed - routine occurrences, repetitive, reference material available



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