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Parents Just Dont Understand

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I Don't Understand Why...

The expression "The grass is always greener on the other side of the fence" contains a great deal of truth. People are rarely satisfied with what they have. That's not necessarily bad, though. The desire o have or achieve more can motivate people to work harder and lead richer lives. Is it human nature to want more than you have?

It is actually human nature for humans to want more. But of all human species the teenagers specifically the daughters are the ones that want more of one thing called freedom. Parents act like they know everything when they really don't. When their daughter is born, parents feel that it is their obligation to submit their whole lives to protect their offspring. This to some degree is true and right. But when the daughter gets older she would find the situation embarrassing, uncomfortable, and just downright scary. The question is why parents are over-protective of their daughters.

One reason is because they say the same every time "they love them." I get sick of hearing that lame excuse, parents use this all the time. For example, I would ask my mom to walk to the store or to my grandmother's house, and both are literally around the corner she would say "No, and I don't want you to walk by yourself and then have something happen to you." Every time she says that I get pissed, because I feel like she is not treating me like I'm 16, she is treating me like I am 8.

Another reason is that they always want to know who their daughters are hanging out with. I remember when I would be on the phone with my friends, and I would be in my brother's room talking to them, and my mom would be in her room with the other phone, and while I would be on the phone she would put it on speakerphone, and would listen to my conversation, and wants to know who I'm talking to. This is called and invasion of privacy. I know she does this because I could hear her T.V. in the background.

One perks when parents are over protective they give you way more attention. They give you more of everything because the daughter is the princess. Usually the father's ALWAYS fall for this trick, but it can also happen with the mothers too.



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