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Participation Observation

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Essay Preview: Participation Observation

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Weather is pleasant. Sky is light blue and cloudy. Low humidity. Felt flies brushing against my legs. Annoyed by flies. An insect lands on my index finger. I flick it off. Sitting on one of the 3 benches. Brown leaves are scattered on the concrete ground. Two tall trees are in the centre of the guild village. The wind is gentle and cold.

Big notice board beside a stairwell. Board cannot be seen, covered with notices. "PROSHFORM April One" in chalk above the board. Pillars scattered around the guild village also covered in posters of events. E.g. Acid, Day & Night. Coop Talking Heads (haircut and random clothes shop) to the left, followed by Co-op bookshop, campus pharmacy, guild village café, Winthrop apple shop, secondhand bookshop and eyecare centres. All of which are closed except the co-op bookshop, campus pharmacy, village café and Winthrop apple shop. Three big bins in the centre of the guild village.

4 fancy people came down from the stairwell. Three women, one man. 2 of the women are working at Westpac bank upstairs, inferred from the navy Westpac blazers. A more fancy looking woman is dressed in her own suit, heels and Louis Vuitton bag. Man is in white pressed shirt and pants, looked least dressed up.

A family consisting of a father, mother and male toddler on the bench beside me. The little boy is running around in a striped orange and brown long sleeved shirt and khaki shorts. The family looks middle eastern. Mother is taking pictures of little boy. Father is holding a huge backpack and looking after the trolley.

4:48PM Large crowds of people are walking across the guild village. Class has probably ended.

Ducks from pond in Social Sciences building have waddled over.

The guild village café is quiet, only a few tables are filled.

A group of three young adults are outside the village café. Two tall Caucasian males and one short Asian female. Another male Caucasian joined them for a while and left with the Asian girl. Dressed casually.

A couple and two guys left the village café. A group of three are using the ANZ cash machines.

5:21PM Temperature is dropping. There are less than 5 people in the guild village. The Co-op bookshop has closed. A young man in a striped navy and white sweater and black shorts carrying a big black backpack walked towards the bins to throw his Magnum ice cream wrapper away. I want Magnum ice cream.

5:27PM A sweaty man walks towards Westpac ATM Machine. Must have just finished his workout at the gym.

5:31PM 12 people coming in from all sides of the guild villages just passing by. There were both young and old, dressed casually and formally, not confined to any race.



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