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Paul Hanson

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Paul Hanson, also known as Mr. Hanson in Valley Christian High School by his students, was the example of one of the most humble and kind persons of the world that I have ever known. He cared more about other people than for himself. I just knew him for 1 year, but, I would have liked to know him for more time. And I am proud that I had the privilege to have known him and to be one of his students. Mr. Hanson gave me government and health. His classes where fun because we always did interesting things with him, like, opening a cow's eyes. Although Mr. Hanson is in heaven right now, I know that he is always watching and praying for all of us. When the school year started I was one of those teenagers that did not do their homework and was always in trouble. So, when I got in trouble, He told me to wait at his office, and He would come and talk to me. With all those talks he gave me, little by little, I don't know how he did it, I started to change. I started to behave better, do my homework and my grades were starting to go up. What I think he did was that he sometimes prayed for me, and God's power started to change me, because God has the power to change anything. Although everyone that knew him suffered by losing him, we all know that he is in a better place now, having water fights with angels, worshiping our God or praying for us and for peace for Mexico. I don't really know what he is doing at this moment, but something that I know is that he will be in Mrs. Hanson's, all his students, all the people he knew and my heart forever, because he was a great, honorable person.



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