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Pc Needs Assessment

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Needs Assessment

The setting for this project is our home and for transportation. We need a computer that can provide entertainment, such as movies, reading material, and games to play while on long flights or car rides. I am currently using a PC Dell laptop that is 5 years old. I continue to have problems with battery life and lost documents. The laptop is unable to function without being plugged in. I am interested in a new laptop or IPad.

The most important thing needed for us is portability. It has to be light, small, but not too small; a bigger screen would be preferred so we both can watch something at the same time and it has to be easy to carry anywhere. Second is battery life, being away from home the majority of the day it's difficult to find an outlet available anywhere. A preferred battery life of 8 hours would be ideal. Since we are both in school and trying to further are careers we need something that has lots of memory for assignments, papers and presentations. I have been using a PC all my life but have recently upgraded to an apple iPhone and I really enjoy using the product. . Since buying a computer is an expensive investment and technology is always changing we would want something with the latest and greatest technology so the product can last and not be outdated within a year. Another important detail is cost.


When researching the apple IPad there is no software program equivalent to iWorks for comparison. The iWorks program is the only writing program available for IPad. However, if I was to compare two software programs together for a PC laptop I would research the software programs of Microsoft Word and Corel WordPerfect to one another. Another thing to take into consideration is the availability of the software programs and applications apple uses and that will be needed for travelling. This is important to us because we travel for business and pleasure a couple times a year and many times are lacking easy entertainment access. With apple you have the convenience of the apple store applications that can be download instantly to any apple devices at anytime and anywhere. The apple store keeps a record of all applications, movies, songs, and books bought that can be transferred to any apple device that you have. The program that apple uses is iTunes and it is widely used around the world with convenience. ITunes is specific to apple products and is maintained by apple and is free of viruses and bad encrypted songs and movies. With Microsoft many software and programs must be bought and installed and newer programs have to be constantly updated where apple updates its programs automatically through the apple store.


My husband and I have decided to purchase the apple IPad. Since we were unable to compare software programs we



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