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Peer Review: Online Shopping

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Essay Preview: Peer Review: Online Shopping

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Peer Review Sheet

Your name:

Paper author's name:

Assignment: Review of Online Shopping

In order to review the beginning, middle, and end of your classmate's paper:

1. Read these questions first.

2. Read each part of your classmate's essay (beginning, middle, and end).

3. Answer the questions and include quotations from your classmate's paper to explain your answers.


A. Does the essay's title make you want to read more? Why or why not?

Yes, the title is catchy and grabs my attention. Makes me curious about the contents of the papers.

B. Do the first one or two sentences of the paper grab your interest? Why or why not? Tell how the writer could get your attention with the first sentences.

The first two sentences seem like there is enough to grab my attention. It just needs to be cleaned up a little bit.

What you wrote - Online shops have made a revolution in our lives; all we need is just a click away. More recently, the concept of online stores and e-commerce famously burst into our lives and it seems that settled down firmly and thoroughly.

I would try something like this - Online shops have become a revolution in our lives in the most recent years. With the concept of "everything we need is a click away", online stores and e-commerce have bursted into the retail circuit and have firmly settled into a consumer's way of life.

C. Look at the essay's introduction. Is there a thesis statement or "statement of purpose" drafted? (Look for a sentence that tells the reader what to expect from this essay.) What is the statement?

From what I read, here's the thesis of the paper: No doubt most of the achievements in the promotion and strengthening of the service belongs to such giants as, What are the most popular and sold goods on the Internet? Of course this is a very interesting question.

D. Based on the introduction, what specific points do you think the writer will make about the essay's subject?

How has marketing and advertising played a role into online shopping? What types of products are available online? How did the concept of online shopping come about?

E. Based on the way the main points appear in the essay's introduction, in what order do you expect to see them in the essay?

1. Marketing and Advertising

2. Products available

3. Concept of online shopping


A. Is the essay about the same subject that you expected after you read the introduction? Based on only the middle of the essay, what is the subject? How does the middle of the essay match or not match the introduction? How could the writer make the introduction and rest of the essay go together well?




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