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Online Shopping Vs Traditional In-Store Shopping

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Essay Preview: Online Shopping Vs Traditional In-Store Shopping

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Amere Castleton

Online Shopping vs Traditional In-Store Shopping

IT112 Introduction to E-commerce W15

February 15, 2015

        Online shopping has become an increasingly common staple of life in the 21st century when looking for a camera. Its popularity can be credited to the fact that convenience is highly valued in society today. Shopping online offers the opportunity to buy anything and everything you need while on at lunch during work or getting ready for bed. However, there are those select few occasions when it pays off to make the trip to the store and complete the purchase of a camera the old-fashioned way.

        Traditional in-store shopping can be fun! It’s an excuse to get out of the house, and possibly run a few errands, get lunch, or meet up with a friend and get coffee. Another advantage traditional in-store shopping has over online shopping is that the customer can physically examine the camera that they are wanting to purchase. The customer can see the quality, color, size, and play with the features of the camera before purchasing; since a simple picture online can’t portray everything correctly every time. Customers can also ask a sales associate about all the special features on the camera if they can questions. The lists online can only reveal so much on this matter. Personally, it’s nice to have someone there to ask about the camera and show the customer how to use each feature and demonstrate how the camera works, instead of trying to figure everything out from a ‘blog’ or ‘reviewed’ list. Plus, it’s always nice to leave the store with a new toy, instead of waiting 5-7 business days for shipping and hoping it doesn’t get damaged. Of course, there are advantages to online shopping as well.

        Online shopping has the convenience of shopping anywhere. If the buyer decides to start browsing for a camera, they are not limited to just one store. A buyer can browse and compare prices on Amazon, Best Buy, Walmart, the list goes on. This is a nice perk that the pocket book appreciates. Another money saver that online shopping has that traditional in-store shopping doesn’t is that there are online only sales. Plus, online the buyer has the advantage of viewing and shopping from the entire inventory list, instead of being limited to what is just in the store. Another advantage is not having to fight through the crowds or having to deal with the screaming child in the next isle because they didn’t get what they wanted.

        Overall, there are pros and cons to traditional in-store shopping and online shopping. It’s all a matter of personal preference and possibly where the buyer is going to find the best deal. Personally, traditional in-store shopping for a camera has more advantages because of the ability to handle the item and mess with the features. Plus the buyer has the option to ask questions from a professional and have everything demonstrated first hand.



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