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People Who Further Their Education & Those That Choose Otherwise: Which Is More Beneficial to Society?

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Essay Preview: People Who Further Their Education & Those That Choose Otherwise: Which Is More Beneficial to Society?

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People Who Further Their Education & Those That Choose Otherwise: Which is More Beneficial To Society?

We live in a nation that has been struggling with its economy for some time and is full of poverty and job loss. However, high school students are not taught about these facts: current and past economical problems such as poverty and job loss, how these facts came to be, and what they should be doing in order to adapt to these problems in the future. Any typical teenager from the ages of 14-18 should understand that now is their time to take initiative to learn and prepare to adapt to the society in which they live. It is necessary for teenagers to receive more education about the society in which they live and about possible careers that they can go into. The high school system does not accomplish this goal. Therefore, the education system in high schools needs to be changed in order to better prepare students for their future. Students who are prepared for college are more likely to succeed and are more beneficial to society than those students who are not as prepared.

Adolescence is considered to be a transitional period between the rapidly changing cognitive processes of childhood and the mature cognitive processes of young adults; it is a time when cognitive processes are tweaked to adult levels. As it relates to students in high school, this is the ideal time for a person of this age to begin exploration of their future in regards to advancements not only from home but also in choosing career paths. Teenagers cannot live with their parents forever. Some day they will have to live on their own and have no choice but to build a career for themselves. While students attend high school, they must also learn about the kinds of careers that are available for them to have after they graduate. This could help students get a better idea of what career path they may want to explore. If a high school student figures out exactly what they want do to for their career, then they can learn more about its income: how much money one could make while having that career.

For example, if high schools had certain clubs or programs that worked with each and every individual student to help them gain more knowledge about a certain field or career, they could be more prepared to make the final decision of the exact type of career they would want to have. Instead, the school system is set up in a way where everyone is forced to take the same general classes regardless of their chosen career paths. Students interested in what is being taught, because it directly relates to their desired field of study, will pay more attention than those of whom the subject doesn't pertain to their desired field of study. They could also have discussions about how successful certain career's are, financially. While some students worry they will not be accepted into college,



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