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Performance Management

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Performance Management

Performance for this project will be measured by a series of eight milestones. Milestones "highlight important events, such as the completion of a phase, a delivery of materials, or a payment for work performed" (Biafore, 2006). Milestones added to the Gantt chart without disturbing the timeline because they are marked specifically as milestones and have no duration. For this project, milestones will ensure that the project stays on schedule and will occur at crucial times of the project, and at the end of each phase. If any of the milestones are missed, then the project time line must be reevaluated to decide if the projected finish time can still be reached.

The first milestone will occur once the project schedule has been set and the feasibility is completed. The third milestone will occur during the analysis phase and will happen after the prototype for feasibility and discovery. The sixth milestone will occur after testing is completed. Milestones two, four, five, and seven will occur at the completion of each phase. The milestones are put in place to ensure the project is on target and allows additional discussion before moving to the next phase. If the project is on target and the budget still allows, the project can move forward.

End of Project Checklist

A checklist of items included in the project's scope during the early phases of the project will help the owner confirm the project team has produced a final deliverable that fully meets the expectations of the project's owner. The objective for the project is a fully-functioning website that:

1. Successfully transfers an order placed online to the current Johnny's Pizza order tracking system and maintains the integrity of that order.

2. Facilitates the completion of electronic balance transfer (EBT) transactions to allow customers to pay for their orders after selection has been placed.

3. In addition, to number two above, the system will flag orders not paid online to alert the delivery drivers and carryout counter personnel to collect the sale price of the order.

4. Is visually appealing and provides an intuitive user interface to facilitate the customer ordering experience.

Lessons Learned and Recommendations

The project team members will attend a lessons learned session following the completion of the project. Project team members will answer several questions regarding the project, and those answers will be recorded into the PIER. Typical questions to be answered during the lessons learned session include:

1. Was the client pleased with the result?

2. Was the project completed prior to the deadline?

3. Was the



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