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Hrmd 41 - Human Resource Performance Management

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Essay Preview: Hrmd 41 - Human Resource Performance Management

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Human Performance Management


Case study 1 solution:

1. Critically assess whether a performance management system would work for such a small business.

In my point of view the systems which are used in CRB has advantages and disadvantages for the staff. As for advantages, the flagged hours has been very useful and comfortable for the employees because with this kind of system it gives the freedom for how to use this hours for their benefit in how and when to finish the work. Furthermore the high percent system is very useful because it gives the employees the motivation to perform their task very fast and much more focus. In addition in the end of three of four months there will be a feedback in which Mr. Al Brown can know how did his employees has been working.

2. Discuss benefits that such a system would provide for us as owners and for our employees.

As for the benefits with using such a system, there will benefits for the both side. Firstly for employees, when they get the feedback and know what they did before it will motivate them more in their work and will make them work harder not only now but also for the future. Furthermore when the staff knows what the employee did and appreciate him for what he did will make him work even harder. In addition this system will increase the self esteem for the employees by being appreciate from the staff which maybe basic thing but it's also important. Secondly as for the owners doing this kind of system will make the employees work hard and perform better. Furthermore its will make easy for the organization to achieve their goals. In addition they will gain a lot of profit in a shorter time.

3. Explain any dangers our company faces if we don't have a performance management system. What could be a problem if we go with a poorly implemented system?

There will be many kinds of dangers that the organization will face such as: increased turnover if they found out that there is no justice in the organization. Furthermore there won't be any good relationships or communication between the employees which may lead to a bigger disaster when they have to rate and evaluate each other for getting promotions.

4. What 10 characteristics, at a minimum, should we include in a performance management system? Explain your answer with 1-3 sentences for each characteristic you recommend.

Strategic congruence:

There should be similarity between the unit and organization strategy and to work and united together to achieve their goals.


It shouldn't be expensive or more time consuming or difficult to handle.



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