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Tourism Development Planning, Sustainability

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Essay Preview: Tourism Development Planning, Sustainability

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Tourism development planning, sustainability.

France is one of the most advanced countries of the world. A powerful and high-tech manufacturing industry enable France to create tourist projects of any complexity and capital intensity. However, the deterioration of economic indicators of tourism began to cause serious concern of the Government and business circles of France. Therefore, there is the program of economic and social development for the 1966-1970 period. A special section was devoted to measures to curb the growth of the tourism deficit. There are a number of measures to attract foreign tourists and reduce departure of French tourists abroad. New schools opened for training for the tourism industry, a lot of attention and money directed on improving roads. In the late 60-ies it was adopted and implemented a plan for the development of coastal and rural tourism in the south-west coast of France. In 1967, the "Society for the Development of National Tourism" was founded in Paris in order to distract from French tourists traveling abroad.

In the 70-80-ies. inbound tourism in France has developed quite rapidly. In 1985-1994 gg. average annual growth of tourist arrivals was 4.7%, and revenues - 13.1%. Currently, France has a positive balance of travel. The country has a modern tourism industry. After the adoption of the Schengen Agreement and the abolition of the visa regime between the countries of the United Europe, more and more tourists prefer to visit France at the weekend, and the long vacation to spend in other countries.

So in 2009 the share of tourism in GDP of France was 10.2%, the share of export of tourist services of the total value of exports - 18.1% and 12.4% of the population was employed in the tourism sector.[pic 1]

                      According to the article “A new stage of development of tourism in France”, in 2012 Laurent Fabius said about the establishment of Tourism Development Council (Conseil de la Promotion du Tourisme), which should develop a plan of development of the industry in France until 2020. Conventionally, it is referred to as the 20/20 plan. Laurent Fabius also drew attention to the increase in the number of Chinese tourists. In recent years, the number of visas for China increased from 30 to 250%.

                    A characteristic feature of the last period of the development of tourism has become a so-called horizontal integration of the capital market. The concentration and centralization of capital on a national and international level and the process of internationalization of production and capital flowing at the same time in France, the tourism industry led to the formation of powerful transnational tourist companies and strengthen their position on the global tourism market. The basis of integration in France were the placement agents. The French model, recreation received truly the ideal embodied in the "Club Med": a chain of tourist villages, creating a special atmosphere of mutual understanding and unity of tourists, providing a high level of service, providing a wide range of sports entertainment and working on the principle of "all inclusive". In addition 130 club hotels, the disposal of the company there is a network of the same name serving travel agencies and subagents.



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