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Personal Sales

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Task 1A (L.O 1.1) [322 words]

For a business to be efficient to gain new customers or to retain its exciting customers, it uses a wide range of tools such as advertising, public relations, sales promotion and also personal selling. The promotional mix can have between four and seven elements as listed below:

1) Advertising: This relates to any paid form of communication used to promote a service through the various channels to cover a wide range of the target audience and done by a company or a sponsor. Examples of this include direct mail shots, print or TV advertisements, billboards, brochures and banner or web ads.

2) Sales promotion - This is any activity or incentive offered by the company for a limited period to entice customers to buy their products against the rivals, and to establish their brand image with potential customers. Examples include money off vouchers, buy one get one free, loyalty points, trade in and exhibition fairs.

3) Public Relations / Corporate Image: This is based on how the company portrays itself to the wider community or their target audience and customers are more likely to buy from a known reputable company. The company could achieve this by sponsoring local events etc, but also trading ethically and morally dependant on what the business model is and what it trades in.

4) Personal Selling: This is where individuals (also known as the sales force) are used to entice the customer to buy the product through their knowledge, attitude and after care sales service. Personal service is where the customers needs and encourages them to try or buy the product. The downside to personal selling is that it is expensive and can only reach a selected target audience, whilst the advantages are that it is interactive, sales are customised, opportunity for customer to try before buying and adaptable for each product. An example of personal selling is the beauty counters at department stores or Avon home parties.

Task 1B (L.O 1.2)

Conduct an in depth analysis into how you personal selling stratergies may be influenced in these selling situations (approx 300 words).

As explained above, personal selling is all about oral communication and building a rapport with the individual allowing a sale to be made at the end.



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