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Personal Testimony

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I excepted Jesus in my heart when I was small, so I don't not know the exact age when I converted but I will tell you a little about how and when I actually put God's message in my heart.

Well it all started in the summer of 2010 when I and my friends were going to go to Colorado camp. Fratele Doru was our speaker and the theme was More Than Conquerors. Well backtracking to before camp I knew I was a Christian but I didn't read the Bible or meditate on God's word. I have prayed that prayer many times to ask God to enter my life but I didn't feel motivated to read the Bible. At camp I felt the exact opposite; I felt kind of guilt that this whole time I have not dived and really studied God's word. I felt the presence of His love and all His children all around me. Fratele Doru told us that to be a champion you have to believe, change, and love and the one thing I was missing was the change part. When I heard what he said I knew that from then on that I had to change. After camp I thought of what Fratele Doru said and decided to read the Bible and get to know God a little better. That was the first time I really was exited and really motivated to start knowing more about God and his son, Jesus.

I now live born again in Jesus, waiting for the arrival for him to come again. I have accounted a lot of challenges in my life but throw all things I can do everything through Christ who strengthens me.



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