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Why Are Personal Testimonies Important in Sharing the Gospel?

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Essay Preview: Why Are Personal Testimonies Important in Sharing the Gospel?

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Why Are Personal Testimonies Important In Sharing the Gospel?

While studying this course of Theology 104 I discovered that there were people that never heard the story of Jesus Christ, Even myself have not heard the full story. There is people that deny the story, these people are called non- believers. God called upon his people to spread the word among all nations so that they may know his love for them. In the course of theology I listened to this audio called "Hell's Best Kept Secret," It talked about ways that were used when evangelizing. The speaker pointed out some important facts as why Christ is a necessity in our lives. Some people believe that by accepting Christ that all will be happy and lead a good life without sorrows, sins, and other mishaps of life, this is not true. People must understand that becoming a Christian is confiding in trust that Christ's death paid for our sins in full. It isn't just saying a prayer or just believing, It's having faith in Christ and asking him for forgiveness of our sins and asking him to come into our lives which is important than anything else. The gospel is very important as it gives us everything of Jesus from birth to the resurrection. The body of an effective testimony generally includes three parts: what your life was like before you received Christ, how you received Christ, and how your life is different as a result of receiving Christ. This is sometimes referred to as the Before/How/After format. A personal testimony is not a story of how God rescued someone from a life of horrible sin. It is an account of how God transforms lives--no matter where the person comes from or what circumstances the person has experienced. Many people are encouraged by the testimony of someone who was introduced to the Lord at an early age and who then avoided many pitfalls of growing up. God uses each of us as we are, created in His image and transformed by His power." (Ball and Bright). (1996). "I made this decision over many years in my life and decided it was time to change and accept Jesus Christ. Now I have a sense of purpose, peace and fulfillment.

If a Person Is a Christian Does It Matter How They Live Their Lives

It does matter how a Christian lives there life because they are supposed to be Christ like examples, if A Christians does not act the part than he is no better than anyone else (not saying Christian's are better, they are humans) we are supposed to live as examples, Christian that has sex outside of marriage and knows it is a sin is not living in Christ and there for either needs to repent or stop calling themselves followers of Christ as they are being a hypocrite. Even though this is a sense of norm to some it is not of Christian ways. It's not always easy to do but by following the serenity of the Holy Spirit and yielding your life and will to God it can be done.




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