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Philippine History

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Writing History is not a joke. There are many uncertainties and biases that we do not know. Creating the color in the prehistory of the Philippines should not be centered on Spaniards who colonized us, American's who helped us but had bad intentions neither the careless Japanese. Every detail of the people, our ancestors and how they lived should be focused. The highlight should be the origin, practices and the improvement of the lives of the early people that settled in the islands of the Philippines. There should be no favour in making the prehistory that will be sealed in the minds and hearts of the Filipinos. Everything is interconnected to each other, you, me and even them, the people in the past living on the same lands we are walking day by day. So I suppose that prehistory should be written with passion for the people by the people.

Archaeology is the biggest step on knowing what should be written in the books. It mirrors the past; evidences are like gems for the searchers of the prehistory. Not only that it disentangles uncertainties and it is like proving in geometry, you cannot assure that the angles build one polygon without proving it. Therefore, it is the gateway to true prehistory.

History aside from its bounty has hardships. People in the past needs to raid for booty or goods. That time there are people without freedom who are called the Oripun. Even our ancestors struggled from the colonizers, experienced famine and even death. Aside those difficulties they have rich cultures, art and more. Our ancestors were amazing in forming malleable golds. They also have rituals and beliefs. They live in a maritime world, building sibids and other water crafts for the people basically their group called Balangai. The seas were the gateway for trading. These groups have their own feasts as celebration and as a prestige display of the Datu, the ruler and the one who manages the Balangai. There are still uncertainties in their time, like keeping your group or Balangai safe from raidings, the Datu should be wise enough to lead and cultivate the riches they have. In the same way today we have government officials that act as leaders but I guess they do not really care for the people's welfare. Still the fiesta or feasts are alive these days. Thanking for bounty to the God and some to their ancestors. Trading is still alive in our generation and to my belief will last as long as people produce products. Today it is widely known as importing and exporting goods. It is really proven that the past affects what we are today.



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