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Physcholgy Case

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Personality is what makes a person unique. There are many different personalities. People can have a dry sense of personality to a hyper out going personality to a shy personality. There are many different ones that a person can carry.

In a room full of people that are having fun, and playing games you naturally want to go to that happy place like everyone else. You want to have a good time and "fit in" with everyone else, playing games and having a great personality being out going and trying new things and having fun.

Some people have the personality to be the center of attention, like Martin Luther King Jr. , John F. Kennedy they all attracted a larger number of followers , crowds of people where drawn to their personalities. Their out going, inspiring personalities made history.

I think I am a person that you may consider to be reliable, you can expect the same reaction out of me if you tell me the your having a baby... to telling me someone has passed away, I get the poker face and freeze up with happiness, or fear at first followed by another reaction. However like many other people I would say my personality changes in different situations, such as being with others in a room, a party or a gathering. If someone is joking and laughing and being very outgoing. I tend to start feeling happy being around that person, they are making people laugh and feel welcome. I try and do the same. Other times when I am with someone that is in a bad mood, or very frustrated I tend to pick up his or her bad mood. Lately I have been checking myself every time I catch myself being in a bad mood just because everyone else is and changing it.

I have taken personality test when I was younger, I do not however remember the out come of the test. I took the one is the book and mostly scored 4. I am a happy person, but like normal people I still am sad or feel the same way everyone else does.

I believe a test would make it accurate by having questions to everyday life. Like are you happy when you see someone else happy? Are you happy with your life and you outcome? Are you sad when others are sad? Basic questions and knowledge can make someone's personality change fast.

Everyone has a different personality at times. Many people can carry multiple at one time and need medication. However I believe that when the people that you are near and around the most can change you current personality. People tend to become irritated or frustrated with the same things. That another is when they are around each other, and in reverse.

I know my personality changes depending on my mood and other people's mood that I am around during that time. People carry and can have a lot of different personalities that is what makes us, us . Picking up on someone else's out going personality one day can make a person want to be a out going person as well. Out going people tend to draw a lot of people



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