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Playa Tropical Hotel & Resort Case

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Essay Preview: Playa Tropical Hotel & Resort Case

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The promotional strategy that was used by Playa Tropical Hotel & Resort is through internet they have their own page for the online accommodation and for the customers who want to see the place if this is beautiful and very relaxing. Another promotional they used is through word-of-mouth they want their customers to be amazed in their first visit in the Hotel because this will help them to gain more customer if you will serve them like your boss they will surely remember you also they will recommend your hotel to their friends. The seminar is also a promotional strategy that Playa Tropical did to broaden the knowledge of their customers about the Hotel they are operating because if you have a larger knowledge about the hotel you know how to recommend this to your friends and lastly the gift certificate that was given to a lucky winner when we attended the seminar they are giving their customer the opportunity to come back and visit again the place.


The employees of the company know the hotel very well that's also strategy that can help them to gain a lot of customers. But based on my own experience one of the employee call in the telephone and I'm still talking what she did is she put down the phone. (Wag na wag bababaan ng telephone ang customer kasi sign yun ng disrespect sakanila..BASHA PAKI ENGLISH DIKO ALAM KASI EH HAHAHAHAHA THANKYOU :*). For me that happen I can say that they are not very approachable to their customers. And if you are a hotel is the best you can do to your customers is that you will serve them but in Playa Tropical Resort Hotel they let their customers go down to get what things they are needed, what if the customer want to rest but he/ she need something he/ she need to go in the lobby to ask about what they are needed but if the company provide customers need and sent in every room it is very convenient to the customer because he/ she don't need to go out to the room.



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