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Pnc Bank Case

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I am a sophomore who major in finance at Miami University. Last week, I came across your internship opportunity, and I want to take the further interview you offer. I am also confident about the opportunity, because my diligence, independence, and professional skills will make me a strong candidate.

Diligence is a key factor for anyone to success in his or her career. Thus, being hardworking makes me stand out for the opportunity. I spend hours focusing on my learning field every day, and this gives me adequate understanding over my courses. Besides, my diligence wins me excellent academic performance as I am standing in the top 15 percent of my class.

Being independent is an expectation of a qualified employee, so I understand PNC Bank needs a bookkeeper who can work independently. I have been developing independent working skills since I was in middle school. Thus, I enjoy working independently and taking responsibilities by myself. Furthermore, my independence allows me to be highly focused on my duty, and this will ensure my strengths at work.

I have also obtained professional skills from the business school. I can perform basic business computing and have solid foundation of basic accounting and economics. Besides, I will take some more business course for my further study. Therefore, I wish PNC Bank could allow me to put my knowledge into real practice by opening this opportunity to me.

Thank you for taking time reviewing my application. I wish PNC Bank could give me a chance of further interview and I will cherish this opportunity and do my best in return.



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