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Police Detective - Pivate Investigator

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Essay Preview: Police Detective - Pivate Investigator

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Police Detective/Pivate Investigator

In my future career I would like to become a detective/private investigator. A Detective means

to discover or determine. It is a person who evaluates persons, places, or things, in order to make

determinations. The information they have may be used to find someone or something, solve a mystery

or solve a crime. The term "detective" is one title a lot of law enforcement agencies use, in most cases

they are referring to "Private Investigators". Like police officers, detectives can carry a weapon on

them with a permit. They are not always on the job to discover a crime that had occurred. But if a

Detective/Private Investigator can prove a crime has occurred, they usually hand their information

over to the police department so arrest can be made. On some cases, detectives specifically ivestigates

details of a crime that had happened, usually after a case has gone "cold". Sometimes when a spouse is

assuming their significant other is cheating they might hire a private investigator, or may use one to

find missing children or help an adoptee find their birth family. To be a detective/private investigator

you need a lot of skills. Some of these skills include: They need confidence, the ability to talk to

people and make people want to talk to them, they need observation, the ability to think outside of the

box, and training on how to be safe on the job. Becoming a Detective/Private Investigator might be

quite hard, unless you are good at what you are suppose to do.

To become a detective/private investigator you must have a high school diploma, one or 2 years

of college coursework, or a college degree. Most of their work is learned on the job. New investigators

will usually start by learning how to use databases to gather their informaiton. To be a police detective

you must start out as a police patrol officer. You must pay your dues before moving up to become a

detective. Many agencies allow you to test after 2-3 years with the department. You must have at least

60 college credits or an associates degree. Most say you must be



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