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Political, Religious and Historical Perspectives in the Movie "ironclad"

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Essay Preview: Political, Religious and Historical Perspectives in the Movie "ironclad"

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Chapter I

Background of the Study

A wise king once said that "we should understand and accept even in our history that there is a lengthy period of chaos before stability". Collective stability seems difficult to achieve if we believe in with this words alone. In the medieval period until at present, everyone is struggling to seek for this stability to preserve human rights, justice, equality, fairness, freedom, free will and to preserve life.

Human Rights are practiced but the sad part is not by all members of the society, justice and equality are still a big question, fairness and freedom are hard to experience and the free will of life is sometimes forgotten and disregard. These factors are considered as the main ingredients to complete and taste a sweet life.

Political Perspective is never been separated in the society as one of the main factor in achieving and destroying the desired steadiness in the community. Leaders decision whether it is right or wrong is sometimes implemented without acknowledging the benefits of the majority, without listening to their though and demands and without considering the value of mankind.

Aristotle reinforced that "the city or state exists not just for security and trade, but to foster the "good life", the life according to virtue". A good life therefore is impossible to reach in there is no stable society where you belong.

History proved to us that "Social Order" is really the biggest problem faced by the people. Since the primitive period, people are fighting for social order and until now their fights are continued by our generation and still pursued to achieve the dreams of our ancestors " History will changed and we will achieved this stability" . To our dearest land, social order is not still enjoyed; we are still to prove that we can make a way and find the finest means to achieved social stability.

Whether we like it or not, religion nowadays and even before is a separate entity. Some authors said that "Religion maybe the most dominant sector in our society". Religious leaders especially the priests is said to be the most powerful persons in the history, this is shown in the movie Ironclad, during the reigns or English People, it is clearly shown that the supreme power is given to the pope who then his influence is realized throughout the world.

Statement of the Problem

The problems are stated as follows:

1. How do Political, Religious and Historical Perspectives in ancient period differ from the present situation?

2. How is the Movie Manifested in the life of Filipinos?

3. Are Political, Religious and Historical Perspectives seen in Social Stability?

4. How do the protagonists triumph in achieving social stability?

5. What does the work suggest in achieving social stability?

Objectives of the study

This study aims to:

1. compare Political, Religious and Historical Perspectives of ancient and present period,

2. show how the movie "Ironclad" manifests in Filipinos life,

3. evaluate the different perspectives in achieving social stability,

4. reflect on the means of protagonists in achieving social stability, and

5. recommend a solutions to achieve social stability.

Significance of the Study

Machiavelli said during Renaissance that "soon our people will demand an answer to the puzzle of why a nation with so many talented individual fails as a group". Our situation nowadays is still the age of seeking for the missing piece of the puzzle why we fails to mention social order. In any part of the world, we are experiencing social distraction like killings, discrimination, suppression, greediness of power, political war and other form of crimes that destroy social stability. We accept or not, it is the issue, these extraordinary forms of crimes are seen in the society now and then. It is evidently manifested in the movie "Ironclad" that we would seriously take a look closer to find the desire answer in our query.

The writer pursues to conduct this study to help the people come with realization that the problem in line with social stability should take it seriously. In the movie IRONCLAD, the protagonists make a choice by establishing a strong decision to fight the disease wherein they started from their heart and mind. It is the same to the desire of the writer that "the people" will deeply involved them in solving social conflict.

In the other way around, individuals should understand the participation of different perspective namely Political, Religious, and Historical in the development of social stability for them to settle a wise and timely participation in achieving the "Universal Goal"

In the movie IRONCLAD, it portrays how powerful the problem is, how Political, Religion and History change the course of the society, but then the protagonists less though about they but instead they fight for the benefit of ordinary and hopeless people. They succeeded because of courage, beliefs, unity, good principle and dedication. We will also achieve as it is, if we will ride with the same boat until we reach the ending of social conflict.

The researcher wants to extent this study to the youths for them to enlighten how social stability alters our live. The youths should scatter lights to the dark society so that with their sharp mind they will find solutions to the problems and to maintain social order and stability for the benefits of the future generations. Lastly the film criticism which can be use to the different elements of film-making, and your own reaction and opinion to analyze the quality of a film. The analysis of your opinion or reaction, and how you it manifests to real life situation.

Scope and delimitation of the study

This study is limited to the evaluation of the film IRONCLAD centered in social stability with the contribution of Political, Religious, and Historical perspectives. The writer focuses on the discussion to the role of Politics, Religions, and History to find out stability in the community. Also, it is concentrated on the film as the basis of the study.

Definition of Terms

Ancient period. this refers of or relating to



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