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Political Science

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        The existence of the Philippine government has made various effects on the lives of its citizens. The political strength of it depicts the status of the country. However, numerous conflicts seem to afflict its nature making the working government full of problems and failures. A big challenge tends to arise on the political system, leading to a test for a more productive handling on difficult situations.

        Being involved in such community held by the Philippine government, I truly observe that our country is on a critical stage. They are undergoing a struggle on how to push our country towards progression. Its social dealings with other countries made them possible to achieve their wants but replaced with several debts. Basically, that is the way how dealings go. They mutually satisfy each needs but given in return something difficult to deal with. Its social interactions produced debts that affected our economic standings. It led to continuous downfall making our country be viewed by others having less competence and vigor.

        Various social problems arouse since the occurrence of political conflicts happened. The vast majority of the citizens tend to accept those having no such choice, just thinking of their belongingness to the government. The political individual leaders think more on their position and well-being than the social welfare of the society. The public common good was then set aside for their personal interests, leaving behind the society full of troubles and even senseless.


        The occurrence of the class system is a good instance of the evident social injustice. The high class or basically the rich are given much essence than the powerless and the poor. Noticeably, money is one of the sources of their power. It can be inferred through the malpractices of law and governmental policies. If you had much pays to lawyers or other forms of government employees, the more chance of getting favorable advantages.

        The eradication of individual human rights to some is also a common form of social mistreatment. Many people are not given such freedom to possess their lives being a human and their dignity is unvalued. Their lives seem to be meaningless and still deprived on things that they should own and practiced.

        Not only social problems came to occurrence but also the economic instability that cropped up in our society. Due to several forms of graft and corruption that take place around the government, its status was then alarmed. Ways on how to pay debts and other forms of liabilities astound most on government’s plans. Instead of planning strategies for new ways on how to improve the political system, ways of how to raise money to pay the liabilities take place. Lack of proper management in the system is one of its problems. They didn’t make their plans methodical that’s why plenty of failures and difficulties are happening.


        Continuous hikes of consumers’ goods, high pays on public transportation, improper and unjust taxations, illegal imports and exports of commodities, and the unstoppable demands for prices’ increase are some of the numerous problems that come about and test the political capabilities. In addition, although several currencies are present, the primary focus is the foreign exchange of the dollar and peso. This economic issue has occurred for the long time and has been changing regularly with factors affecting it.

        Political conflicts also exist.  Its presence is like an alarming concept that is, if left unresolved can propagate and will have an intense occurrence. The undying corruption that takes place for a long time is neither settled nor lessened. Since then, it was the primary root of all the destructions that happened in our government. Corruption is an improper conduct made by people who did not follow rules or orders on a particular aspect. They overuse the rights granted to them and exceed their boundaries about their involvement in a certain group.

        Another form of political conflict is their betrayal to one another. Even though they both belong on a particular belief or something in common, they keep on making coercive plans to mislead each other. It is a frequent doing that is present on the field of politics. Envious acts are dominant in their interactions. Instead of mutual agreement for peaceful negotiations, they oppose each other and will lead to arguments that are of no great concern for resolving current problems.

        The violations occurring during governmental elections are also a case of political problem. In here, honesty is not practiced and many forms of cheating are made. It hindered the result of the public choice. Vote buying, use of deadly weapons to frighten voters, exchanging of ballot boxes, and supplication of the absentee voters are some forms of the malpractices that happens usually during public elections. Even though voting is a right, it must be respected and given importance by the people concerned.



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