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Pomosexuality Case

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I venture to challenge and deconstruct gender and sexual identities. It's a radical proposal: why not consider that each person can best report for themselves what it is they are experiencing and wanting - rather than adopting that existing paradigms are sufficient and precise to illustrate all people, and that everyone must neatly fit in. This is only the general area where I'm at - a starting point - and I want to be moving towards a place where classes are fluid and the way we look at human sexuality and what it means is radically reconsidered. With an earth population of over 6 billion, I consider that we all have an essential right to our individual sexuality as singular as our fingerprint. With our accounts of experiences and our manner for expression this is sacred to us, and we unite in accord as universal beings who desire the connectivity of human sexuality and the impetus toward our finest impulse, and that is to love another.

This is a metamorphosis to an existent structure, and construct another with my own hands, brick by brick. It is a great day to transform and reconstruct an existing consideration, and invent a tailor-made custom fit consideration for self to give to another. I am now freed from the plague, the shackles of the fixed ideas of what I had previously considered the act "to be" and what "it is". I no longer duplicate sex as a notion which was influenced and inspired by another or a group of beings in lieu of my own invention. This has birthed new breath with boundless dimensions to navigate. With all considered, the possibilities are vast and unfamiliar. It is now that I view this unfilled canvas, and this is the initial stroke of the brush



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