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Poop Case

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I will be explaining the internal conflict's in certain scenes involving Eva and Mrs.G characters from the movie "Freedom Writers". In the movie after Eva boyfriend Paco accidently shot one of Sindy's friend leaving him dead.After the incident Eva had to think herself she had to decide what to do, because in her state she was the only one saw Paco to did it but since everyone has their own possie she knew she had to lie and defend Paco. Basically the internal conflict is to make the choice of what the right thing to do.She had a big fear for her live because during the trail Eva told the truth and testified against Paco, after the trail she was confronted by her gang and told you're not dead because who your father his but to the whole gang Eva was dead to them.

In the scene where Ms.G got home and was explaining to her husband she had just gotten a job at the Mariot Hotel selling bra's.This is another internal conflict because before she barly had spare time spend with her husband and then now with this job they became more distance. Also

the teachers devotion to her class has increased a lot and she started to care for her student a lot and a bond between them is starting to form.I feel in point the conflict in this scene shows that she is willing to do mostly anything to get the stuff she needs to create the right environment for the class and her student will be satified.

Finally in the scene when where the alarm goes off and then a big fight starts out side in this case this becomes a internal conflict because. When Mrs.G saw all this she wasn't used to seeing all this type of madness even the guy who had a gun. This effected her hard because when she came into the school it was to sign up and teach,not to be in the middle of gang war.Mrs.G notice that the tension between all these gangs are very high and will lead to many downfalls for the student.And not only she has to try and get her students motivated for school and come to class but break the barrier that these students put up due to gang violence.



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