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Population-Ecology/organizational Ecology

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Essay Preview: Population-Ecology/organizational Ecology

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Population-Ecology/Organizational Ecology

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        The reporters discussed about the population ecology as the study of dynamic changes within a given set of organizations. Using the population as the level of analysis, population ecologists statistically can examine the birth and mortality of organizations and organizational forms within the population over long periods. Some specific theories regarding the topic are: Inertia and change, Niche width, Resource partitioning, Density dependence, and Age dependence.


        In the theory of Inertia and change, the experience of Nokia is very notable in which the resistance to change has cause the company to go out of business, however, they are now back in business. Hopefully they have learned from their mistake that even you have not done something wrong you can still lose in the industry when you are not changing.

        An experience during my college days, can be related to the Niche theory, in which  we have to come up with a product with its own unique selling point that has its own niche in the market.


        Organizations are just like living organisms. An industry of organizations is like an ecosystem. Just like humans, organizations needs to adapt to changes in order to survive. Level of liability or mortality is also the same that when an organization is new it is as fragile as an infant child, as stated in the Age Dependence theory. It is really needed to have a harmonious relationship with the organizations’ internal and external environment for it to thrive.


        When solving an organizational problem, I would try to look for a solution by looking at the organization as living organism in its ecology, to actually come up with ideas that would be relevant to in solving the problem. It is like curing a sick organization, but instead of medicines; Strategies, policies and guidelines would be use.



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