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Porcess Based Organisations : Solution to Ompetetiveness

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Essay Preview: Porcess Based Organisations : Solution to Ompetetiveness

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Businesses are entering the competitive era where survival depends on ability to differentiate your product and services to provide value to customers. Organizations, which were designed to deliver in non competitive age are finding increasing difficult to adjust to new realities. They are working on functional silos and with rigid structures, hierarchies and top down controls to run the organizations. Due to fast changing environment, they are constantly trying to tweak the policies, systems in order to respond to changing needs. They get sandwiched between rigid internal structures and fast changing market conditions.

While organizations are realizing that decentralized structures and systems that are agile and flexible are needed to respond to increasing rate of change, the big issue is that the people who make decisions have mostly grown with a particular mindset of leading the organization through command and control policies, deriving power from hierarchy. Such structures believed in rewarding and performance based on carrot and stick policies and recognized people for experience , loyalty and ability to manipulates the environment to get results. The message was clear that results are more important than process.

The philosophy of product out resulted in diluting the voice of the customer was quite often and it was heard only when he created a noise. The internal customers ie employees were treated with picnics, parties, pictures etc under the new name called employee engagement as solution to high performance. While this may be necessary as hygiene factor but does not fulfill higher needs of an enlightened employee in knowledge led economy.

In order to be competitive employees come first where we need to put powerful engines .The fuel may be compensation but powerful motivational engine which expands it power based on the role and excitement at job within organization is key to compete in current intense competition.

Issue is " how we create a new organization, which brings 'employee excitement' at workplace at all levels with exciting roles and empowered workplace ? ". How we bring out innate potential of employee to bring his best and respond to fast changing market, customer and product demand? How do we get emotional connect of a employee with workplace and his role? The process based organization (PBO )has the answer.

In process based organization, which is horizontal in nature entire organization is divided in four sets of process as given below , and they face customer rather then CEO as in functional structure .

1. Core Process : That directly adds value to the customer and feels the pulse

2. Support Process: That ensure that Core process give their best to customer . They treat Core process as Customer



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