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Portfolio Case

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Essay Preview: Portfolio Case

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Table of Contents:


* Design Brief: p. 3

* Mind Maps 1 & 2: p. 4 + 5

Initial Ideas/Themes:

* London: p.6-7

* Temples: p. 8-9

* Bridges: p. 10-11

* Extraordinary Buildings: p. 12-13

* Castles/Fortresses: p.14-15

Top 5 Structures:

* St Mary's Hospital: p.16

* Strait of Malacca Bridge: p.17

* Prambanan: p.17-18

* O-14 : p.18

* Schloss Neuschwanstein: p. 19

Final detailed research of the Strait of Malacca Bridge: p.20-21

Specifications in real life: p.21


* 3D pencil sketch visualisation: p.22

Technical Drawing:

* 2D Side View (with measurements): p.23

* 2D Top + Front View (with measurements): p.24

Google Sketchup Drawings:

* Stages 1 & 2: p.25

* Stages 3 & 4: p. 26

Evaluation of card model: p. 27-29



* Materials list: p.30

* Tools/Equipment: p.30

* Production Plan: p. 31-35

Photo Diary: p. 36-39


Evaluation of Model:

* Mistakes of Model + improvements: p. 40-41

* Comparison between finished product and sketchup model: p.42

Design Cycle Evaluation: p. 43+44

Bibliography: p. 45


Design Brief:

The aim of the project is to recreate a scaled model of an existing/proposed structure out of balsa wood. In order to achieve this aim, I will have to investigate 5 different types of structures and find at least 8 pictures for each type. From each structure type/genre, I will choose 1 best structure that I find interesting to recreate. Within these 5 pictures, I will choose one structure for further evaluation and construction.

The main constraints with this project is that the scaled model must not exceed 30 x 30 x 30 cm unless if given permission to extend this restriction. The wood planks used for this project is 50 x 10 cm with varying thicknesses ranging from 1 mm towards 1 cm. For the chosen structure, I must find a reliable source in order to find the measurements needed to scale down the structure. I will then create technical drawings and a Google Sketchup Visualisation to see how the structure should look like after completion.

The project must refer to the design cycle with every step mentioned throughout the entire portfolio.

Initial Ideas/Themes



Schloss Neuschawnstein is a 19th century castle built on the remains of two out of three castles near the village of Hohenschwangau in southern Bavaria. The three original castles on the hill were constructed during the Middle Ages, until it was left to fall due to the lack of maintenance. Its main reason to why Schloss Neuschwanstein was constructed was that King Ludwig II commissioned the structure to be used as his personal refuge. Hence, this castle was never intended to be used for defensive purposes again. Construction began in 1869, with a cost reaching 6.8 million marks. Ever since the castle was opened to the public in 1886, more than 1.3 million visitors visit Schloss Neuschwanstein annually. [11] What interests me with this structure is that the design of this castle reminds people of a typical fairytale castle found in many movies. Hence, the Disneyland castle was modelled on this extraordinary structure. If realised, I will only concentrate on the basic exterior of the castle (no windows etc.) and if I have extra time, I will also consider creating the windows using transparent plastic.

Dimensions of SchlossNeuschwanstein [11]

Height of tallest tower 65 m (213 ft)

Area covered 8,500 sq. Ft

Floor Area 65,000 sq. Ft

Strait of Malacca Bridge (final design)


Bridge length 48.66 km

Number of lanes 6 lanes (2 lanes per direction with an emergency lane)

Estimated cost $12.75 billion

Height of towers/scaled version 110 m/11 cm

Contractor Strait of Malacca Partners Sdn. Bhd

Nearest Seismic Zone 100 km away from project site

Span Height (ship clearance)/scaled version Around 50-60 m/6 cm

Width/scaled version 71 m/ 7.1 cm

Intended year of construction 2010-2014

Estimated year of completion 2020-2025?

Length of section that I will be recreating 5 km/50 cm

Scale: 10 m=1 cm (except for the length of the bridge where 1 km=10 cm)

*Because the blueprint cannot be



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