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Powder Case

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Essay Preview: Powder Case

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In "Powder" the central theme is that you shouldn't take your family for granted; you need to enjoy yourself and them because you never know when you might not be able to see them again. Right "before Christmas my father took me skiing at Mount Baker." (Wolff 1) It wasn't easy trying to convince the narrator's mom to let his father take him, because his mom was still angry about the last time his father was in town and they attended a nightclub. The narrators father "promised, hand on heart, to take good care of me and have me home for dinner Christmas Eve." (1) While they returned the skis, the narrator was ready to be home. All he could think about was, what was at home for Christmas Eve dinner. Although the narrator was excited to go skiing, at the end of the trip the narrator "was wishing he was home." (1) In the end the narrator "actually trusted" his father because he was a careful driver in the snowy conditions. The narrator realized that he should enjoy himself and not worry about getting caught by his mom when they returned from Mount Baker. This trip will never be forgotten for them too, it was a great experience because of the journey and obstacles they faced while trying to get home.



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