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Powrpoint Case

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powerpoint outline

Slide 1- Intoduction

* I am comparing the brutality District commissioner to Islamic Extremists

* similarities- They are both know for their injustices

they both misunderstand the culture of other and try to prove their points against these cultures

* differences- islamic extremists are fuel by religion while the district commisioner does not

Slide 2- Both known for injustice

* DC- Disregard the politica of the native and imprisons and kills anyone who goes agianst his "laws"

* IE- cosider the modern world to be filled of infidelity and corruption and aim to clense the world without any regard for the inocent lives that are claimed in the process

Slide 3- Both hold people to enforce a point and misintererate

* DC-held six tribal leaders against their will and forces the tribespeople to pay their bail

* IE-the use of multiple kidnappings and hostage sitiations to show their seriousness of their claims and thought

Slide 4- extremist are fueled by religion

* DC-has no interest in the religious view of Ibo and think people should free to worship

* IE-use religion to evaluate political and cultural ideology fueling their extremism

Slide 5- Conclusion

* Gen. statement-between the district commisioner and islamic extremist we can see that brutality can be excerted in all ways. the belittle of the ibo by the ditrict commissioner is a sow of arrogance. As a judge he is unjust killing anyone who seems to go against his words. he tries to prove his point to direct measures to oppress rebellion.islamic extremist are rebel who intend on clensing the world. they seek no justice bt their own and will do anything as a result. they are steadfast to their religious views and use its teachings as their weapon



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