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Practical onset of Renewable Energy - Russel Report

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Essay Preview: Practical onset of Renewable Energy - Russel Report

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"The practical onset of renewable energy remains confined to just a few nations and regions" (Scheer, 2007). It is hard to see why it is taking so long for many countries to invest in these sustainable sources of energy. The Middle East is blessed with an abundance of solar energy. In Kuwait, for example, recent research has shown that the economic case for solar energy is very strong (2009). The research showed that only 480 square kilometers of land would be needed to generate 80.6 TWh and that the project would breakeven after only 21 years.

Research has been done into the feasibility of using wind power in Kuwait (Al-Nassar, Alhajraf, Al-Enizi & Al-Awadhi, 2005). It found that there were several suitable sites, and that the highest wind speeds, and hence the best time to generate electricity from wind is in the summer months, and this coincides with the times of highest demand for electricity.

The economic feasibility of installing solar panels in the Kuwaiti climate was assessed several years ago (Abdullah, Ghoneim & Al-Hasan, 2002).

His Highness the Amir, Sheikh Sabah Al-Ahmad Al-Jaber Al-Sabah is known to want Kuwait to diversify its energy resources and in a recent newspaper article (Arab Times, 2009) it was reported that an expert, Ali Hajieh was urging the government to adopt a program in line with His Highness's desire.

Recently Kuwait has indicated that it is interested in acquiring nuclear power stations from the French. This has caused quite a buzz on the blogs. Al-Qenai (Hilaliya Website, 2009), for example, wants to know why Kuwait should even be considering nuclear when the solar power here is going to waste.

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