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Development of Renewable Energy

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Essay Preview: Development of Renewable Energy

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Brief Description of Project:

The modern world is a world driven by technology, information and knowledge/know-how. The current global warming has occupied a prime place in the research world. The trend is for the development of renewable energy to replace the dominant fossil-fuel energy source for both domestic and industrial use.

The UN System is currently engaged in giving financial assistance through its Carbon Credit Fund to developing countries pursuing clean energy projects. It is however sad that at present, out of the over 1,000 integrated Waste Management projects approved for assistance worldwide by the UN System, only 3% is located in Africa with Nigeria having very few. The proposed Waste to Energy Plants will provide avenue for Nigeria to advance significantly in meeting the MDGs in the provision of energy, provision of portable water and housing for her citizens.

The project plans to bring the RecyclingEnergy Waste to Energy plants to Nigeria. These plants convert waste (household waste, hospital waste, industrial waste, commercial waste, discarded tires, dried sewage, etc.) into electricity with zero toxic and carbon emissions into the air. The plants will thus dispose of a sizable part of wastes in our cities while producing electricity. The RecyclingEnergy Waste to Energy Technology combust 100% of the combustible components in the waste that is processed. This complete combustion process reduces the volume of waste by 92 to 95%. The by-products from the processing can be used as replacement for gravels in the construction industry and sold as fly ash in the concrete industry. The project has been shown to be commercially viable and will yield substantial profit that can be used by Government for funding other developmental projects.

This special initiative will directly generate permanent employment opportunities for about 70,870 Nigerian youths and professionals in the following operations:

* 500 National Organization and Implication Program upper management and administrative.

* 992 RecyclingEnergy Waste to Energy upper management.

* 28,766 RecyclingEnergy Waste to Energy daily operations.

* 16,725 Waste trucks management and maintenance, and operations.

* 2,176 Management of water bottling packaging and marketing.

* 1,792 Pro-Natura Upper Management.

* 10,048 Pro-Natura operations.

* 5,367 School Teachers and School Administration

* 1,380 School cafeteria, grounds and security.

* 768 Doctors, Nurses and Medical Clinic administration.

* 704



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