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Present Your Argument That one’s Identity Is Socially Constructed

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Essay Preview: Present Your Argument That one’s Identity Is Socially Constructed

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B. Present your argument that one’s identity is socially constructed. You are required to support your points with the ideas of appropriate sociological theorists. Give illustrative examples from everyday life.

1. Introduction

In this essay, first will discuss what identity is and how many types of identity. Then, will augury with “identity is socially Constructed” and give some example.

2. Types of identity

● The basis identity

A. According to Oyserman, Elmore, and Smith, identities are the traits and characteristics, social relations, roles and social groups memberships that define who one is.

B. According to Brown (2015) "Identity is about individuals or groups see and define themselves, and how other individuals or group see and define them.”

C. Jenkins(2008)putit,identityinvolvingknowingwhoweare,knowingwhoothersare, them knowing who we are, us knowing who they think we are.

● Individual identity

A. Itisalsoknownaspersonalidentity;

B. Itisconcernedwiththequestion"WhoamI?"

C. The answer is how individuals themselves, what is important to them? How do they

see themselves as the individual not the same as others? Also, the items, such as ID cards number, DSE certificates, DNA, ....that grant them their unique personal characteristics.

● Social identity

A. This defines individuals about the social groups with which they are identified and which they belong to. And also, how they are different from other, other groups, such as men, women, social students and members of the group.

B. The creation of social identities arises from the characteristics related to the social roles. What is expected of individuals when they are performing their social roles as teachers, students, parents, employers, employees.

● Collective identity

A. A collective identity is an identity shared by a social group, and involves elements of both individual and social identities;

B. Collective identities are important to social movement participants, political activists and similar group grouping themselves to fight for or against social change.

C. For example, 'Beyond' is a rock band, a group of HK young artists promoting peace and fighting against discrimination.

3. Argue that “one’s identity is socially Constructed”

The concept that beliefs about “who we are” are established in a social context mirror is basic on the sociological theory that human beings are socially established, not prisoners of instinct. Sociologists see identity as connected to the society in which people survive. People are, in section, socialized into their identities. There are diverse ways that conceptions about the identities of individual and group are socially constructed. An identity is established against a social background that attempts to make social interaction more meaningful, understandable and well-organized by categorizing people in different ways. The nature of identity is expressed as a social phenomenon and a development characteristic of social life. The comprehension that “who we are” is socially constructed license us to account for the fact that how we view ourselves and how others see us is not culturally static.

The concept of identity narrates a comprehension of who and what we are; and what other people and we believe us to be. An identity includes a set of feature that defines us as individuals, groups, societies and other. To develop an induction of identity, it is necessary to have an induction of self-awareness. Individuals establish this introduction of self through the socialization procedure when they learn the mode of social interaction by different cultural identities. The one, in short, is dependent on the other. Identity is a social construct, in the way that once an individual supposes a specific identity – they obtain and show specific social feature. According to Cooley’s “looking-glass self,” offers a mental perception into the development of an identity. His theory was that we use behavior of others towards us as a kind of response in which is reflected the image of the person we have. According to Erving Goffman’s dramaturgical approach uses a theatrical metaphor to show the social world. It demonstrates how an individual develops a sense of self and personality through use some role, assuming a status and learning a set of agile behavioral principium during social suffers.

Social classification, or sources of identity, can be and are used to produce and to safeguard the individual and group identities. To explore the ways identity is represent a social construct, this essay will outline some examples that are important sources of identity; about the gender, age, and ethnicity. However, before explain the miscellaneous cases, a some sociological perspectives on the social construction of identity will be briefly discussed



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