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Wounded Warrior Project Presentation & Social Resilience Article

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Essay Preview: Wounded Warrior Project Presentation & Social Resilience Article

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Reflection Paper

Wounded Warrior Project (WWP) Presentation

& Social Resilience Article


Answer the following questions in response to the WWP Presentation and Social Psychology Application 2 article on Social Resilience. Type your responses and turn in a hard copy no later than Tuesday, November 1.

1.Competence Question: The guest speaker and the Social Resilience article provided you the opportunity to learn about resilience from multiple perspectives. Please comment on how the presentation and article help you view issues, such as human response to trauma, from multiple perspectives. -

Sgt Dan Nivens never thought he would run, ski or ride the waves on his wakeboard again once his left leg was amputated after his hummer was blown up in Iraq. However, Sgt Nivens proved true social resilience in his ability to overcome such adversity by finding opportunity in tragedy. Once the reality of his amputation set in he immediately dismissed his life to not being meaningful ever again. It was the entrance of the Wounded Warrior Project (WWP) that changed his perspective with a backpack full of personal hygiene items and a challenge to go skiing within one month. His encounter with WWP helped him to regain hope in his future by allowing him to engage in group physical activities with other wounded warriors. In addition, he demonstrated several personal traits that foster social resilience in regard to his army experience. He expressed social emotions as he spoke of his profound connection to his army unit and held back tears for the death of one of his friends and follow soldiers the day of the trauma. He also spoke of his inherent commitment to our country and the impact of serving in the military thus serving others. Personally, he shared of his fears regarding how his wife would perceive him after returning to Walter Reed Medical Center. His biggest fear being his wife would not love the disabled man he had now become. Presently, Sgt Nivens continues to respond to the social issue of disabled veterans while promoting constructive, team-oriented programs with the WWP as Executive Director of Events.

The article and presentation helped me to see how trauma can dramatically change a person's life on multiple levels i.e. physically, mentally, emotionally and financially. Trauma affects resilience not only on the biological level of an individual, but the broader entities also such as family, community, organizations and even our nation. After listening to Sgt Nivens it was clear that families experiencing these adversities are in need of more therapeutic and financial forms of intervention. Our nation is in need of more supportive legislation to help the wounded warriors and their families. Thus we need more socially fit groups which desire to cooperate, share in resources and implement interpersonal awareness.

2. Character Question: In this course, you have learned about the research on social cognition and perception. Address how the presentation helped you identify some of your own preconceptions that were potentially limited. What new conceptions do you value based upon what you learned?

The WWP presentation did help me to identity some biases I had pertaining to disabled individuals. I realized I had the preconceived notion that disabled people do not live a full, well adjusted life and that their level of success is limited due to their disabilities. However, after listening to Sgt Nivens inspiring presentation that biased notion of mine was changed. I gained a new understanding of the potential wounded warriors and/or disabled individuals had to live satisfying and complete lives full of activities and purpose. Sgt Nivens engages in more physical activities then I presently do. He lives his life to fulfill a significant cause and has maintained his strong desire to serve his country regardless



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