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Presentation Case

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Good morning everyone. Let me introduce myself, my name is Claire. I'm here today to talk about my home town,"Chiangmai."

I don't know how everyone imagines about Chiangmai but I would like to inform you that Chiangmai is a very nice city. It locates in the North of Thailand and it's the biggest city in Northern part. Chiangmai has a special cultures and traditions such as; foods, cloths, language. Chiangmai has a lot of mountains and natural landscapes like Leysin. It has fresh atmosphere that good for health so a lot of people that want to escape from troubles have weekend houses in Chiangmai. First, I'm going to talk about language. Chiangmai has a local language that use in only Northern part but other people can predict the meaning in any words I think it depends on situations. If someone talking we can predict which parts that they come from because other parts also have their own local languages. Next, I'm going to talk about cloths. In Thailand, we have different local cloths in each parts. The cloths of Chiangmai has a lot of element such as; hairpin, necklace, belt, breast cloth. This is a beautiful local dress that can indicate the girls of Chiangmai well. Nowadays, I think it changes because it has applied to up to date and I'm afraid that this cloths will disappear follow the time. Normally, we are dress this cloths on Friday such as; students, teachers, staffs in companies to conserve culture and for unity. Next, you are going to know about Thai temples, only in Chiangmai has 1,217 Thai temples this is amazing numbers. It has a lot of Thai temples because Thai people 94 % are Buddhism. Every morning they make merit and offer foods, things or money to monks. And every important day of religion they go to temples to listen to sermon and make merit. The oldest temple has 714 years old and the provincial temples and very popular of tourists is "PRA THAD DOI SUTHEP TEMPLE" it's a temple locate on the mountain high 2,000 metres. The majority place to travel in Chiangmai are naturally place such as; water fall, trekking, national park, snakes farms, elephants shows. But the popular place of Thai people is Chiangmai zoo that attract a lot of people from all country to see Panda. Another place that popular among tourists is "THA PHAE GATE" It's the gate of Chiangmai in the past and nearby Tha Phae gate has walking street open every Sunday. It's has a lot of tourists to go to buy souvenirs and eat delicious local foods. Chiangmai have several types of foods that you can choose but local foods in Chiangmai is Kao Soy, noodle in spicy coconut milk curry. Moreover, Chiangmai has famous food call "KHAN TOK" feature with various local foods. This eat style is come from royal in the past. At last I will recommend you about very very famous food among tourists not only in Chiangmai but all of Thailand. It's mean "TOM



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