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Private and Public Schools

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Education is the vital issue of our time. And we try to get or provide ourselves with the most qualified and most suitable education. There is not of course just one type of education or school. There are public schools and private schools. To decide which one we will choose, we have to know the differences and similarities about the public and private schools. We can compare the two types of schools in the light of some criteria such as things which are taught, teachers, cost, safety, graduation rates.

Public schools must adhere to a curriculum or state standards relating to what can be taught and how it is presented. Certain subjects such as religion and politics are taboo. Rulings in many court cases over the years have determined the scope and limits of what can be taught and how it is presented in public school. For example, public school teachers must be certified by the state in which they are teaching. Certification is granted once statutory requirements such as education courses and teaching practice are met.

A private school can teach whatever it likes and present it in any way it chooses. That's because parents choose to send their children to a specific school which has a program and educational philosophy with which they are comfortable. In most states private school teachers can teach without a teaching certificate. Most private schools prefer teachers to become certified as a condition of employment. Private schools tend to hire teachers with a masters degree in their subject. The rates of students who enter the university after graduation from the high school are much more in private schools than public schools. The reason why most private high schools do well in this area is that they are generally selective. They will only accept students who can do the work. And sometimes it is because of the facilities they have. Of course private schools have more opportunities than public school.

But these schools have also similarities in the aspect of what is taught. They both teach some basic subjects such as English, mathematics and science in order to graduate. When we think of there are some slight differences between private and public schools. Of course the costs of the schools are not the same. Funding differs greatly between private and public schools. Public schools are not allowed to charge any tuition fees at the elementary level. You will encounter modest fees in high schools. Public schools are funded largely by taxes, though many districts also receive funding from state. Private schools charge for every aspect of their programs. Fees are determined by market forces. Private schools take no public funding. As a result they must operate with balanced budgets. Violence in public schools is a top priority for administrators and teachers. The acts of violence



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