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Public School

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One of the striking differences between Christopher Lamb's colonial classroom and today's typical public school is the role of religion in education (Sadker & and Zittleman, 2009). Early colonial education, both in New England and in other colonies, often began in the home (Sadker & and Zittleman, 2009). Religion today can not be use publicly inside of the classroom. However, I feel as though when religion was taken out of content negative behavior has ready spread among our children. Children are killing one another and even the schools have became more and more in danger. The family was the major educational resources for youngsters, and the first lessons typically focused on reading, values, manners, social graces, and even vocational skills were taught by parents and grandparents (Sadker & and Zittleman, 2009). However in schools today some parents feel as though their child's teacher need to do the teaching but reality parents are their child's first teacher. During colonialist time the boys was taught to trade while the girls learn homemaking (Sadker & and Zittleman, 2009). Still today majority of parents teaches their children those skills and also in High School trade and homemaking classes are offer to students as well.

Mann was an individual that challenge public school teachers by giving ongoing trainings. He also championed newer teaching methods designed to improve and modernize classroom instruction (Sadker & and Zittleman, 2009). He opposed the routine practice of corporal punishment and sought ways to positively motivate students to learn (Sadker & and Zittleman, 2009). However in our school today corporal punishment has been taken out of the handbook. Instead of using a paddle or the corner for bad behavior, we have to use write up or suspension. Sometimes this can change the child's behavior and sometimes it doesn't.

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