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Problem Solution Essay

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In the article written By K. D. Rosenberg, A. P. Sandoval, K. Hedberg, B. Cadwell and J. Y. Oh , from the Health and Human Services Department (HHS)

and Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC), the authors speak about the research that has been done regarding the effects T.V. has on children. They talk about how children that watch to much T.V. tend to have to do with impared childhood abilities and obesity. I think this may is true and we can prove this because U.S.A is the highest ranked in child obesity and in the article it tells us that that at least 18.9% american children of age 2 have a T.V. and tend to watch two to four hours of T.V. in their room which in my opinoin is a high rate . If thats the rate for a two year old im sure the rates go up for older children which only makes me conclude that T.V. is associate to the reason america's obesity rate is the highest. if we think about it when a child has a T.V. avalible to them at anytime of the day they are more likely to watch T.V. then being active by playing outside. In the article another thing they found relative to children watching to much t.v. was maternal depressive symptoms which is when a mother feels incompitant as a mother this could mean that they are using T.V. as a mothering device and not forfilling there roles. But if one put more thought into it those arent the only mothers using t.v. as a mothering ar baby sitting device how abotu those parents that have placed T.V. in their children's rooms what could be the possible reasons they have done this, i think it may be because they need a way to entertain there child without having to put any effort. After reading this article i think that something should be done to avoid the effect that T.V.s are causing children because they aren't healthy, and even though the articl tells us the rates are quiet high they are way to reduce them.



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