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Riordan - Interclean Problem Solution and Defense

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Essay Preview: Riordan - Interclean Problem Solution and Defense

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InterClean Problem Solution and Defense

InterClean is one of the biggest sanitation and industrial cleaning organizations with a big emphasis in the environmental safety of its products and services. "As the industry evolves, clients are more and more interested in not just products, but solutions and services that will streamline their cleaning efforts in the wake of more stringent requirements for environmental safety." (University of Phoenix, InterClean Scenario, p. 1).

This paper will thoroughly examine how InterClean can propose a solution to help move from a solely sales-based organization to a solutions-based. In this process the different problems will be outlined and defined following the reveal of the end-state vision. Another important factor that will be discussed is the stakeholders and what they want from the company. Different options and alternatives will be reviewed in order to determine the risks they will involve or the benefits that they will bring to the company. Lastly a well strategized implementation plan will be proposed along with a strong optimal solution. It will be imperative to measure the success of the proposed solution to ensure that the changes made are working out successfully with little or no obstacles as time goes.

Situation Analysis

Issue and Opportunity Identification

InterClean has had a lot of success in their company throughout the years that they have been in business. The company has been operating in a solely product-based sales model where they have been selling products and providing demonstration about specific products to their customers. InterClean is at a point where they need to look at different alternatives such as moving into a more solutions-based organization in order to stay on top of the competition as well as remain profitable among their competitors.

Some of the new plans that InterClean has in store is the brand new acquisition of EnviroTech which is another competitor in the same sanitation industry as InterClean. The company is also looking to change around their sales models in order to bring in some new changes that will make the company more profitable in the future. EnviroTech is a very well known company and has a staff with great experience with the new system that InterClean is bringing into their company which will be very beneficial for them. They will save money in the training department as most of these employees are well aware of the system and has worked with it for a while at EnviroTech. By merging with EnviroTech, InterClean will be making a big step into the world of sanitation among its competitors.



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