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Progress Report

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This progress report is written to show:

- The developments made in terms of completeing the NGN -110 project (Fall 2011).

- Assess the accomplishments made by the team so far.

- Consider the obstacles faced by the team and forecast possible obstacles that can be faced in the future.

1- Background:

* For fall 2011 the NGN project was to design a race car that is powered by balloons or rubber bands - should not have a motor or cannot be pushed by the team members-.

* The car needs to travel a distance of 10 meters in a 1 meter wide track without touching the sides of the track.

* The team needs to make use of scientific evidence and theories (e.g. Newton laws of motion) while designing the project. Also various details need to be taken into consideration in order to achieve the most efficient design possible.

2- Constrains:

-Empty 50ml Masafi water bottle-

-Glue and tape-


-Paper and card boards




-BBQ wood sticks

-Rubber bands

3- Deadline:

The Project was assigned to the team on the 10th of October.

- A final report on the project is due on the 20th of December

- A presentation will be made by the team on the 21st of December

And hence giving the team a period of 6 weeks to complete the project along with the presentation and the final report.


1- Tasks Completed

A- Searching and analyzing existing solutions:

- The whole team searched existing designs made and tried altering them to fit the criteria and constrains.

- This task was completed in 2 weeks successfully by all team members.

B- Sketching possible models:

- The team together sketched 5 possible models that are most suitable to fit the criteria and constrains.

- This task was completed within 4 days.

- Problems were faced while determining the dimension of the car and the materials to be used.

C- Building and testing 2 of the sketched models :

- In this Task the team was required to sit down and co-operatively build 2 of the sketches made.

- This



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