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Kin 792 - Progress Report for the Second Professional Portfolio

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Essay Preview: Kin 792 - Progress Report for the Second Professional Portfolio

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Progress Report 2

Sara Meadows

KIN 792: Practicum: Content Standards in Athletic Training 1

9 October 2011

Progress Report for the Second Professional Portfolio

During the first week period of beginning my second portfolio assignment, I began by re-reading through the codes and standards that would be encompassed in this portfolio. I wrote reflective thoughts as to how I used these codes and practiced the standards in order to begin gathering artifacts contained within each code/standard. I am going to continue using GoogleSites as I felt that this was very useful for my first portfolio and I was able to present myself along with the BOC standards very adequately. I will build off of my first portfolio by adding new pages and links containing all of my information for the second portfolio.

I have also taken consideration from the first portfolio's remarks after grading. I misunderstood how to write my executive summary. I understood from how to syllabus was written that I would summarize each code individually, rather than all together as a whole. Therefore, my portfolio reflected that I wrote a description for each code separately. For my second portfolio, changes will be made in order to write a single executive summary including every subsection of the code of competence and the standard of prevention. I also listened to all the podcasts posted early in the semester to refresh on all the important points I needed to cover in my portfolio.

During the second week, I reviewed and studied the set of standards that we are supposed to cover in our second portfolio. Code 2, which develops on competency, was examined, studied, and measured in order to put together the professional standards page of my portfolio. I established my own descriptions of each standard and made sure that I understood what each standard meant to me in my profession. These things will be covered in my executive summary which will be correctly written in the second portfolio now that I have more of a clear understanding of what the summary is exactly entailing. I also began looking for artifacts that I could use to showcase my development in the areas of competency and prevention. The artifacts that I will use will come from my undergraduate work as well has things I have developed since graduating and beginning a new career in athletic training.

I feel as though I am ahead of the game and well prepared to finish this portfolio ahead of time and within the 'excellence' mark. Developing these portfolios thus far has been a fun, stress-free activity incorporated into the master's program at FPU while allowing me to focus on all professional aspects of my career and future goals.





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