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Project Total Quality Management

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Describe the process you will follow in implementing TQM in your organization, Identify potential pitfalls and suggest how to overcome them. (30 Marks)

All Assignments will be collected on 17th March 2017


  1. Development and writing of the quality policy needs to be accomplished and communkicated to everyone in the organization.  Top level management need to be educated in the quality matters and implications of Total Quality Management.
  2. Setting up of a Quality Council, cointaining all top level management especially that cuts across all the functional quality roles and which directly improves quality activities.

They are set to receive quality improvement reports, either verbally or in writing on a regular basis in order to provide for immediate direction to quality planning teams.

Once a steering committee of Quality Council has been implemented, the set up of Qulaity Planning Teams is enacted.

  1. Develop of Quality Improvement Teams consists of members selected based on a problem- solving requirements of the given task and quality improvement programme.

A quality Improvement Charter (QIT) should be established.

  1. Measuring the quality is the nest step. Problems and problems areas awhich include administration and operations are identified.

Data about operating processes are acquired and the trends charted. Like visual display of results and effective solutions to be identified problems found.

These trends are tracked to provide reinforcement for quality program implementation. Estimating the cost of quality willensure that management attention is given to the demonstrated process improvements.

Communication of quality successes should be accomplished through regular meetings with management and employees concerning problems.

Inorder to make quality visible, distribution of quality- oriented posters, memos, articles, quality improvement Team results etc should be displayed.

  1. Systematic corrective action measures should be developed at all levels in the organization. Document corrective action should be taken and communicated to other QIT’s in the organization.
  2. Change of culture is another key step. This is based on the organization structure and operating characteristics is inevitable. Cultural means the values, norms, behaviors and attitudes that characterize the organization.  



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