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Proposal for a New Business

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Essay Preview: Proposal for a New Business

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This report aims to propose a holiday that fits in line with the holidays already established by explore. The report analyses current explore holidays and implements some of the ideas in the construction of the holiday. The report also contains the evaluations of the cost incurred, as well as a breakeven analysis; which aims to demonstrate the potential of the holiday.

1.2 Identification of Market Segmentation

Turkey is the everlasting paradise suited in the east and west; bringing Europe and Asia together. The country has become an international recognition, with important meeting and conventions (Tursab) being held in the country, there's no wonder why the economy is growing so fast. However, despite the ancient ruins, archaeological sites and the sandy beaches across the Mediterranean coast, Turkey has failed to keep tourist captivated and interested. The plummet in the tourism industry, is evident in figures 1 and 2 were there is an ever-increasing decline in not only the number of enquires but the: one timers, repeaters, serialexp and loyalists. On the other hand, as evident from the figure 1 and 2 it's not only Turkey that faces the shrink. Other countries such as Egypt also see a decline; for example in 2005 enquires for trips to Egypt with explore are as high as 687, were in 2007 enquires are as little as 245. The graphs demonstrate a possible tourism crisis.

There are several explanations to why there has been an increasing decline in Turkish tourism. One explanation falls back to the outbreak of bird flu in 2005; which saw a pandemic stream its self across Turkey. Other events which could have played a role are the bomb attacks that took place in 2006 and 2007 aimed at tourists; which resulted in authorities warning tourists to stay away especially in some places such as Antalya which is a well known Turkey tourist's destination. Lastly the cartoon crisis involving the Prophet Muhammad saw Turkey face greater slander.

.Figure 1

Figure 2

Although Turkey is facing a decline in tourism recent reports have resorted hope in that it may be a passing phase. The Turkish minister forecasts 30 million tourists in 2010 (world bulletin, 2010). The minster Gunay goes on to say Turkey was the only country in 2010 to keep standing during the economic downturn. Further, reports by journalists go on to say that Turkey has only faced a "slump" (Jergens, 2009) is soon going to reboot. Adding a new travel package could be the way forward for Explore. The package would be innovative and with a few conventional ideas.

Furthermore, the package would try and diversify Turkey's image by reinventing a holiday that reinvented the Turkish country. The Holiday would be away of renovating Turkeys



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