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Psy 202 - Consider the Present

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Essay Preview: Psy 202 - Consider the Present

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Consider the Present

Jonathan Brem


Professor Mancuso

18 November 2013

Consider the Present

During one's life, and individual experiences events or circumstances that ultimately shape his/her character, and influence his/her development. I have had at least two events such as this, which have impacted who I am today. The context of who I am as an individual, part of a family, and member of my community is essential to understanding development thus far (Mossler, 2013).

The first even that impacted the course of my life, leading to a particular development process, was the attack on America known as 9/11. This event, in regard to developmental influence, was part of the Chronosystem. This event had a comprehensive effect on other systems in my life (Mossler, 2013). Although I was already enlisted in the Navy, this event impacted my entire outlook of purpose, and motivated me beyond the initial goals of enlisting in the service. Watching the event on the news and media, part of the Macrosystem, cause me anger and gave me motivated purpose. The macrosystem, which encompasses the values of the larger society (Mossler, 2013) impacted many people including myself. The majority in this society was outraged, and wanted something or someone to pay for what they did. This event significantly impacted the mesosystem of the military, creating an atmosphere of discipline, determination, and mission. This trickled down from leaders and commanders to the rest of us. It was all work and no play for several months of my life. At this time in my life the Navy represented my microsystem, because it consumed my existence, and became my daily environment (Mossler, 2013). Coming from an upbringing that lacked discipline, this new environment presented an atmosphere of strong discipline, enabling me to grow up quickly. The exosystem of my life consisted of entirely of military policies and services. This exosystem, which encompasses the larger system of social programs, government, and economy, existed entirely under military control during this time in my life (Mossler, 2013). With the War on Terrorism in full force, this event truly impacted the cognitive development of my young adulthood.

The second event in my life that has absolutely influenced my cognitive development as an adult was becoming a youth pastor. This event was primarily established by the circumstances and affiliations within my current microsystem. During the last few years of my life, pursuing the values and beliefs of Christianity has been a large focus. The relationships I have made within the microsystem, and through this religion, have had a daily influence (Mossler, 2013). These relationships led to obtaining the position of youth



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