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Psy 540 - Trend Article Analysis

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Essay Preview: Psy 540 - Trend Article Analysis

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Trend Article Analysis

Danna Butler

Research Methodology


Kathryne Mueller

September 8, 2013

Within this article it will explain how the internet has changes the way we conduct researches. The paper will touch based on how recruiting individuals to participate within the research has changed, collecting and analyzing the data and that of administrating an intervention.

Like most researches, Psychological exploration has been taking place for hundreds of years, and also like everything else with the development of computer technology, this form of exploration have been drastically enhanced. The researchers in this field frequently use this type of technology to assist in the course of analyzing the human brain and the dealings of folks. Several forms of psychology examinations blend computers with standard surveillance to form theories and detect trouble.

Couple of ways that this field of research has been influenced by the computer technology is that of how they go about collecting information and how they go about studying the human brain. For example a number of psychological researchers course of actions depend on this type of technology to aid in collecting observational statistics on the area under discussion. For instance, when an individual is being observed, investigators do not have to depend merely on videotape and videocassette information. As an alternative, computers are able to document what sort of websites the individual goes to see, what types dealings he or she enlist in any further information. The entire information can then be assembled to assist in developing an inclusive representation of the person who is being examined by the examiners.

The second way is by using the Electroencephalograph otherwise known as EEG. This type of device is often used when studying the brain. The EEG works along with computers to measure the electrical movement of the individual's brain. By studying the movement of an individual's brain investigators can find out what takes place when a person thinks certain ideas, ingest particular medicines, how they respond to certain types of feelings (Arthur).

The past

Because psychology deals with research mostly, psychologists have the good fortune to take all the information about and questions regarding individuals and items around them and answer them through research. In the past researchers came up with ideas to research, then did the research and had the end results published in an academic journal. Anybody that was interested in a related studied had to find out the information by searching through libraries and newspaper companies



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