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Psychology Case - Charactor Analysis

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Essay Preview: Psychology Case - Charactor Analysis

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vif dkjHave you ever felt like you don't belong? This is what Marina felt like. Marina is the main character in so much to tell you. She had been through trauma and had acid thrown in her face by her dad. Would you forgive and forget? I wouldn't. 'So much to tell you' by John Marsden is a play about friendship, child abuse and judging. People judge so easily without even knowing the person, they judge on what they look like. In this book it shows many themes, it is a very good book to learn lessons. He shows us by using techniques which are flash backs, diary entries and play within a play.


Did you ever wonder about the importance of knowing how to communicate is? Well, language is a powerful symbol of emotions flowing between people. John Marsden wrote this book in order to help people progress and communicate as much as you can.

All began that day when Marina realized she couldn't speak anymore, and was sent to a hospital because of a horrible accident she had. Since she was not showing any progression she was sent to this strange boarding school, but at least it was better than being in the hospital all day surrounded by four scary walls. She didn't want to think or talk about it until the day she was forced by her English teacher to write on a plain notebook every day. At first she didn't want to, but as she felt more confident on herself she began writing about what she saw, what she felt and what she had gone through. Slowly she was able to call her notebook her personal best friend. It was the only place were she could let go her anger and fears. She was afraid someone would someday open it and get to know all about her. By writing in her journal, Marina was able to unfold all her life and let the trauma out. She felt miserable, but something strange was going on, even though she was timid, mute and had a big ugly scar on her face, most of the girls were being nice with her. Marina had to share her room with other eight girls. Cathy, was the thin one, tall a great writer of poems, and kind. She helped her to start incorporating with the others, but not bye speaking. As Marina got to know everybody well her face started to show expressions: Happiness, sadness and gratitude. Sophie was the boyish, pretty girl who found Marina very irritating. Lisa was the strong and silent one, and Kate was the loudest one and who's sort of crude. All of these girls may seem perfect, but they also had problems going on through their lives, which they didn't show. Girls were not judging her on what she looked, but on who she was. Will Marina ever speak again? Will she have more confidence on herself? Will she be able to unite her family?

This book is fast paced and actually is a page-turner because you want to know what's going to happen next. I recommend it mostly for girls all ages who are mature enough and don't know themselves,



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