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Psychology Case

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Hypothesis: Children or adolescent who have bipolar disorder if they receive treatment they can get better.

It is take tree combination to have a under control of the bipolar disorder. The first one is Pharmacological take the right medication for the person and make sure the person is have a good effect and it is improve have controlling with the disorder. The second is to have the patients speak to a psychotherapist so they can help the patients understand what is going on with them and knowledge how to take control their bipolar disorder. The third is to inform the family member about the bipolar disorder, so they can be the support system to the family member with the bipolar disorder. Family member should know the different type of bipolar disorder there is so they can have a better understanding and help the child or adolescent to get better in their life.

Research Design

The methodology that is going to be utility is call correlational research method. Correlation Research is to measure the self- esteem on a person. With this method of correlation can be use between to relationship and measure the outcome each method. With this method in the research the patient will be measured on the pharmacological and on the psychotherapist which is a better use for the patients.


The research will take place at a clinic for patient with bipolar disorder. In the clinic there will be doctors, nurses, counselor, pharmacological, in the clinic is going to have all the stuff that a bipolar patients need for treatment. There are different stages of bipolar disorder sometime people need to stay in the clinic. It also going to have an inside center; an inside floor it means if the patient need to stay overnight to be supervise it can be for any reason.


The clinic will be open for everyone who has bipolar disorder. Nonetheless the most concentration will be for children and adolescent. It important for children and adolescent to receive treatment for the disorder, so they can cope with the disorder. The longer they wait to receive treatment the worse it gets. If children and adolescent receive the treatment in early ages they can have a better life and have a great outlook in life.


In the research the way the patients is going to be measure is when they first go to the clinic they will have an assessment of their behavior. The doctor will analyze every step the children or adolescent will take. Next they will go and talk to a psychotherapist. Have the patient's star t with their medication and their therapist. Every three months they will have an assessment as well as an analyzing to measure their behavior and their improved in bipolar disorder.





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