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Purchasing Management

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Procurement Management:

Purchasing management consists a group of application that controls purchasing of raw materials, spare parts and Accessories needed to build products and that controls the inventory. It also helps creating Purchase orders.

Process Flow:

  • Requisition Approval
  • Create Purchase Order and
  • Receipt of Goods and inspection.

  1. Requisition Approval
  • After Requisition from planning Department, depending on approval by the organization, the requisition is routed to an approver.
  •  In the paper process it is visually evaluated, signed and forwarded to the purchasing department.

 2. Purchase Order

  • A purchase order is generated after approval.
  • In this process, Procurement department Negotiate with supplier on basis of purchase requisition and provide them order.

3. Receipt of Goods and inspection:

  • After getting Goods, procurement Department Receipt the goods and inspect the goods.
  • After inspection any default arise in the goods they return that’s goods to the supplier, if not, they send the goods to the inventory department.




  1. Import Consignment Report.

To get Purchase Order Details.  


Planning Management: It includes following functions

Process Flow:

  • Procurement planning
  • Production planning

    Process Description:

1. Procurement planning:  

  • Create Purchase Requisition on Basis of Purchase order, advance forecasting and Production.

  • Requisition is created to procure goods from a supplier.
  • We procured raw material such as (Yarn, Chemical and Dyes), Spare parts and Accessories.
  • Raw materials are procured on basis of Purchase order and advance forecasting Report.
  • Spare Parts and Accessories are procured on basis of production.
  1. Production Planning:
  • .On the basis of Order sheet, they planned production.




  1. Order Sheet Report

To create Procurement and Production Planning.  

Inventory Management

1. Receipt of Goods

Process flow:

  • Goods receipt with reference to a purchase order or style no.
  • Goods receipt with reference to a delivery.
  • Other goods receipts (without reference) for example loan raw materials/goods.

Process description:

  • Inspection of the goods received by the responsible section against the specification and quantity shown in the purchase orders for generating MRIR report.
  • Reporting any goods in excess, short delivery or defective goods to the procurement unit.
  • Updating the inventory movement records according to the certified receipts.

2. Issue/Delivery of Goods

Process flow:

  • Raw material/goods issue for production.
  • Delivery of goods to customers/buyers.

Process description:

  • Raising requests for issue of inventory items using the standard request form (SIR) by user.
  • Justification of requests for issue by Supervisor.
  • Issuing stocks according to the request forms.
  • Delivery of finished goods against the sales order, partial delivery also allowed for single order.

3. Work in Process (WIP)

Process flow:

  • Warping
  • Beaming
  • Dyeing & Sizing
  • Weaving
  • Finishing
  • Inspection

Necessary report or forms needed for inventory



1. Store purchase requisition (SPR)

To purchase Raw materials, stationary & spear parts.

2. Basic chemical requisition

To stock dyes and chemical for next three months.

3. Material received and inspection Report (MRIR)

For inspection and receive goods

4. Store Issue Requisition (SIR)

Section wise raw materials/goods issue for production

5. Monthly stock reports of spare parts

To know the availability of spare parts

6. Daily Statement of Chemical (Dyeing & Sizing)

To know the availability of chemical

7. Daily statement of yarn

To know  the availability of yarn

8. Consumption sheet of yarn

To know the uses of yarn against particular order.

9. Loan Issue

Issue  raw materials/goods to outside

10. Loan  received

To receive  raw materials/goods from outside

11. Daily delivery statement

For finished goods delivery

12. Packing list

Detail packing list for  finished goods delivery



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